Grounding Meditation For Anxiety

Welcome to this five minute guided grounding meditation for anxiety or stress. This meditation is best done in space that is free from distraction where you can be fully present. For a listen join the community over on Patreon for a listen!

Finding a Comfortable Seated Position

The meditation begins by guiding you to find a comfortable seated position, with the spine elongated and feet on the floor. It suggests closing the eyes gently or lowering them softly.

Body Awareness

Bring your attention to different areas of contact between the body and the surface. Such as your feet on the floor, thighs and sit bones on the chair, back against the chair, and the position of the hands. This exercise aims to cultivate awareness of the physical sensations in the present moment.

Breath Awareness

Notice your breath, noticing where you feel the breath within the body. Perphaps the belly, chest, or the air moving through the nose. The breath is used as an anchor for mindfulness, allowing you to rest your attention on the steady rhythm of inhalation and exhalation.

Closing the Meditation

After a few moments of focusing on the breath. Take one final mindful breath and then gently open their eyes from bottom to top.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be mindful and spend a little time on you for this five minute grounding meditation for anxiety. Listen now here

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