Reprogramming Deep Seated Beliefs

Welcome to another Embody Podcast, today I am chatting with Chelsea Oyler the owner of Elevated Leadership Co. We talk about entrepreneurship, reprogramming deep seated beliefs, and mindfulness!

Women In Entrepreneurship

I think that there is a way underrepresented aspect of female entrepreneurship. When I look at most of the women who are really crushing it, when I look at who is mentoring them, it’s almost always men. I think that just fires me up. It’s time for us to even elevate our own ideas as to what we’re capable of and not always looking to the opposite sex for directions. That’s really what drives me.

My passion is to help more female entrepreneurs hit the seven figure mark and just design not only a business, but a life that they love.

What got you into this work?

Well, I have a long established career in corporate where I spent years, kind of a funny story. I grew up on a cattle ranch in a little tiny town in Idaho, watched my dad work himself to the bone. I remember asking him, like, why did you choose this life? He told me because I could never work for someone else. I could never have a boss. So my young mind put together entrepreneurship, business owner equals like killing yourself to have a business.

I immediately went into school with this idea that like, okay, I want this freedom, I want this flexibility. So I’m going to become a CEO by the time I’m 30. That was my whole goal. So I spent 15 years in corporate working my way up the ladder, got one step away from that corner office and realize what it actually looked like. And it looked exactly like what I saw from my dad.

So I’m like, what is the deal here? Why is this so off? I started looking for, you know, things that really drove me, things that got me excited and things that I really had a passion around serving. Where that really landed me is the thing that I had developed in corporate was a really strong skill set around building a high performing team with a really aligned culture that drives massive results in momentum.

I Bought Into Entrepreneurship

I brought that into entrepreneurship. So really, my goal with entrepreneurs is to help them build a business that supports their life. I find so many women at the time that I work with them that are like married to their business. They’re handcuffed to it. They can’t get away from it. You know, it’s the same image of my dad. So I have this really strong desire to build high performing teams within businesses with these women and also preserve the profit within their business.

It’s not about giving up the profit expectations and the success that you desire. It’s about finding a way that you really can have it all while giving them the ability to live a life alongside their business.

Freedom & Entrepreneurs

I think with entrepreneurs, and it’s something that I hear all the time from them is, you know, hey, we get into entrepreneurship for freedom. Then we end up not having any freedom at all, because we’re tied to our computer or tied to our phones or just that lovely realm of entrepreneurship where we do we get into the nine to five, I used to laugh at the very beginning.

I used to think it was something so great, which is hysterical. Now looking at it, you know, a lot, a lot of years later, a lot of years wiser oh, 40 hours a week. Yeah, I think I worked like 80-90 hours a week when I first started and I thought it was cool. So the difference is, it’s really important that we’re starting business journeys that we love. And for most people that I really desire to work with, they have that drive, they just find something that they have this huge desire to serve and they love it.

They really don’t want to walk away from it. I have to force myself to like shut it off because I could boost work and work and work. And there is a season for that. You know, I’m not here to tell everybody that there’s a way to not to build a business without working hard at points, but the season for that kind of hustle is really more in the beginning, right? You’re getting it off the ground, you’re figuring things out, you’re playing, you’re testing, you’re seeing what sticks, and you’re trying to create a repeatable process. That is just part of the game.

The Permission Slip

I think that’s also when we’re the most excited and ambitious. So it fits really well. There comes a time when all of a sudden they realize, wait a minute, like I have given up a lot for this. And you’re exactly right. The reason I started this was to have this freedom and flexibility and be able to work anywhere and like do all the things.

I don’t have that.

That’s the point at which I really love to dive in and start helping people. So with that, I’m with the realm of, you know, coaching these women and really helping them and essentially, I don’t even know what the word is, or that it’s almost like a permission slip.

You’re writing them a permission slip of like, Hey, you’re going to take maybe the day off today because you have set yourself up for success. You have a team around you that’s able to do stuff, or you have systems in place if you’re a solopreneur out there as well.

Let’s talk about the aspect of writing this permission slip form, I can have my life. It’s life first, then my business. We start out our business journey with this identity that the business comes first, the client comes first. And while that’s admirable and beautiful and such a servant part, we will burn ourselves out if we continue to operate in that order.

You First, Business Second

So at a certain point, and I mean, I would love to catch everybody from the beginning and create the identity then, but really what we have to start thinking about at a certain point is like, you have to come first.

The business doesn’t exist without you. You can’t create the revenue or in the products and the services. If you’re not taking care of yourself first, and there’s no point in building this massive business that you burn out from and burn it all to the ground, right?

Let’s not do that. Let’s just skip that part. So whenever I’m working with clients, it’s like really generating this new identity of I serve myself first so that I can serve the business of the business.

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