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Yin Yoga accompanied with guided meditations to help with stress management, focus, clarity, burnout, disconnection, & nervous system regulation.

Life looked differently about three years ago, I was crouched on my bathroom floor crying through an anxiety attack. I found myself in a state of constant chaos, but I was told that in the realm of entrepreneurship that was a rite of passage to be successful. However all of that changed when I found mindfulness and guided meditation. My life looks extremely different now and yours can too.

In the world of robust hustle we are all accompanied with stress. The power of slowing down invites the mind to find ease & our bodies to find calm.

virtual & in person yin yoga

Flow & Release:

A season with me is an 8 week series with one session very week. This program is designed specifically for you with intention movement, progression relaxation techniques, mindfulness, custom guided meditations, followed by reflection. 

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Nervous System Regulation 
  • Burnout 
  • Rediscovering Your Self - Worth
  • Big Life Changes 

A season with me

This is a sixty minute Flow & Release class that is within the comfort of your own home. The benefits of Flow and Release is to let go of anxiety, stress, fear, people-pleasing, and anything that no longer serves you and allows you to cultivate self-awareness, clarity, confidence, compassion, and self-trust. Everything you need from anywhere in the world.

1:1 Virtual Flow & Release

This is a sixty minute Flow & Release class in my Embody Studio. The benefits of Flow and Release is to let go of anxiety, stress, fear, people-pleasing, and anything that no longer serves you and allows you to cultivate self-awareness, clarity, confidence, compassion, and self-trust.

1:1 In person Studio Session

I Offer


$60 per class

$50 per class

3 payments of $250

online wellness sessions

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I gained more than I could ever imagine in a short amount of time. I was struggling in my profession and had lost all of my confidence before coming to Han. She challenged me to dive deep, shift my mindset in little ways that had large impacts, helped me find clarity, and helped me gain confidence. She asks the best questions and radiates the best energy. I am so grateful for the leadership and mindset skills she has given me. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Sweet words from Nikki

I started working with Han to just help the stress and tension. All the work I was doing with Han and at home felt like the therapy I needed and I gained a lot of clarity and started the inner healing. Things were brought up that I didn’t even realize were there anymore or causing the issues they were. My energy shifted, I was able to reframe my thinking in ways I had only dreamed of and I’m happy again. I feel lighter. I feel more clear headed and have a path that I want to take that is important to me and that will bring me peace and joy. Hannah’s course is amazing. Hannah is amazing.

sweet words from aubrey

As a wife of a medical student I watched as my husband put himself through an extremely difficult journey. The lack of sleep, constant stress, coupled with the abundance of sacrifice; I knew we were inching towards burnout. Paired with my own journey of depression & burnout I devoted my time to research possible ways of coping with stress when I found mindfulness

The robust research behind the science in how the brain works, the positive outcomes from those who practiced only sparked my curiosity more. As I learned, practiced, and paused I found my own life had shifted. I have dedicated my life to help those with high impact careers & life to find stillness amongst the chaos. 

B.S. Public Health & Kinesiology
Certified in Mindfulness 
Certified 200YTT YogaRenew | Yin Yoga

More than a passion

My heart behind it all...

- bella

" I am super grateful for the program Han created for the season of healing. Today I had a pretty intense sessions with releasing some emotion that I didn't even realize were present. I already feel lighter and have more clarity on some parts of my life."

In the bustling of modern life (yang) finding tranquility and fluidness, both mentally and physically are at times hard to cultivate. Yin targets the deep connective tissues of the body, & by holding postures for an extended period of time allowing the body to release. Often times we hold so much trauma, emotions, blockages, fears, etc within this connective tissue. Yin enables us to bring the body back to harmony.

Yin is a meditative approach...

What is Yin Yoga?

calm | Clarity | focus

I am here to help you find

You have all the insights already inside of you, you just have to be brave enough to look deep enough to find them.

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