How To Feel Grounded When Anxious

Today’s blog has a personal touch to it; in a time where life is moving rather fast accompanied by so much uncertainty, finding a source to feel grounded is essential. I want to share one way to feel grounded when you anxious.

Before I dive fully in, I want to take a few moments to chat about the word “anxious” and the difference between it and anxiety. Anxious is when we feel nervous, uneasy, or worry. Feeling anxious about something is not always a bad thing because it is temporary. When we find ourselves anxious about something it helps us focus and make better decisions. Anxiety is the long term feeling or worry, uneasiness, and nervousness.

It is important to know that feeling anxious about something is normal, and it doesn’t always stem from something that is bad. In about three months my husband and I will move for his job, however we don’t really have a say where. We are anxious about the move and to know where, but this is stemming from something extremely exciting. The kicker here is that we both are constantly checking in with ourselves, noticing our bodies and that we are feeling anxious.

Check In With Yourself

The most important piece of this whole blog is acknowledging that anxiousness is present. As we check in with our bodies, minds, soul we also know that is not coming from a place of harm or negativity. Ask yourself; where is this emotion coming from? The root of it – where does it live in my body? Bringing awareness to the emotion and getting curious about it will ensure that you are in a healthy mindset to cultivate a space to explore it.

Cultivating Your Safe Space

Cultivating a safe space to explore what is going on inside of you is your action step. When I mean safe space I am not just implying environmentally or physically. This is a space where you can be present, a space free of judgement from other’s but most importantly ourselves. So look around? Is there a space in your home that makes you feel safe and comfortable? A neutral zone to do some internal work. Once you have labeled that space, that is what it stays.

Ten Minutes Of Intention

Ten minutes of intention at first glance sounds like a piece of cake, but as my clients tend to find it can be a little more difficult than they imagined. However, these 10 minutes out of 1,440 in a day can be set aside for you to find some grounding. The intention is your preference; for some journaling about what they are experiencing is a way to find grounding. I myself, I do yoga and flow into a meditation (Flow & Release).

A pro tip: When exploring your emotions & thoughts around anxiousness try not to get caught in the story line. Try to just notice, acknowledge, and the let go.

Feeling & What Comes After

As you sit and write or perhaps you are like myself, and find yourself laying on your yoga mat feeling the ground underneath you. You might release, you might surrender to acknowledging what emotions are arising for you and feel them. The power in the vulnerability it takes to sit with those emotions leads to a sense of feeling rooted. Rooted in your power that you took back by turning inward. Check back in with you body. What do you notice? Are there any sensations of heaviness? Has your breath slowed down? Maybe you feel coolness or warmth?

Finishing With Gratitude

As sit in your power take a moment to be grateful. Find gratitude for cultivating a space with intention, for taking this time for you, allowing judgement to be set aside, to be curious, and for looking inwards. You did it. You took your power back.

Thank you for taking the time to read, How To Feel Grounded When Anxious. If you have any questions or find yourself wanting a little more space to explore, please reach out.

In gratitude.

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