Letting Go Of A Past Version Of Yourself

Welcome to my corner of the internet, today I wanted to share a little bit about a common theme that has been flowing through my wellness studio. This idea of letting go of a past version of yourself.

When I say “let go” it doesn’t mean that we are throwing our past selves away, it means releasing with a gentle hand without judgement, but a sense of gratitude. This past version of you… taught you a lot, they protected you when you were little, they gained a few scars, they witnessed a lot, they also got you to this place where you feel ready. You ready for this new season of life, and this new version of you.


I know it is scary. I know the thoughts and fears like, “but what if they don’t like me… this version of me? what if I end up alone? feel overwhelming. These feelings are valid and certainly feel real, but again as we learn time and time again through mindfulness practices. Thoughts are just that… thoughts… they are not facts…they are not always true. 

So what is true?

What is true…

This is your life.

Your story to write.

Your happiness, your joy, your peace.

And my goodness you are worth all of it!

Yes you might have people leave your life, and you will have new ones join. You will embrace new growth, new possibilities, new happiness, new love, new compassion, new lengths, new friends, new gratitudes, & new memories.

It’s okay to let go, to make a little room for the new you.

My Favorite Journal For Rediscovering You

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The Growth Journal

I do make commissions off of this link, thank you for visiting my side of the internet! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I would love to connect!

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