My Five Must Haves For Wellness

Welcome back to my corner of the internet! Today I wanted to share my five must haves for wellness! I have a couple of discount codes sprinkled within the blog post as well so keep an eye out for those as well! Let’s get to the goods!

Mental Wellness

As most of you know my mental wellness is the most important thing to me. I teach on it everyday, practice it everyday, and I am student as well. A couple of things I do for my mental wellness; the first is my meditation practice. I have found two meditation teaches that I absolutely adore and they both happen to be on Peloton Meditation. I try to do a formal meditation practice 3 times a week, adding in mindful minutes and prana (breathwork) every single day.

Journal Reflection

I have never been one to sit and journal, but the reason came clear to me when I was using the wrong journal. I tried The Five Minute Journal however it wasn’t for me. I wanted something deeper and more reflection based, which is when I found The Growth Journal by The Pulse Potential. This little journal gives you 100 in depth journal prompts and is broken down into five sub categories. The questions are deep if you want to go that far. The more honest you are the more insight you will have.

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Physical Wellness

Yoga has become a way of life for me. As a certified yoga instructor I learned what yoga truly means, and how far beyond the typical “flexibility” that most influencers promote. Yoga is life on the mat, and it challenges you physically and mentally. People typically ask me what my favorite asana or style of yoga is and what I practice most often. My answer is always the same. I listen to what my body needs. If my body is telling me I need motivation, strength, and energy I take a power flow class. If my body is telling me I need regulation, and a reset I practice yin yoga or a restorative class. Try Peloton?

Nurturing My Body

What you put in your body matters. How you nurture your body matters. I am no nutritionist by any means, however I do try to put as much healthy things into my body as possible. But I also don’t limit myself to not having something either. Everything in moderation is how I look at it. I am very lucky to have a massive garden in my backyard, so I get all my veggies and fruits from the garden.

One tip that I have noticed is how much caffeine I am taking in and where I get it from. I LOVE coffee, not for the caffeine but for the taste. I used to have one cup in the morning and one iced coffee in the afternoon after my workout, but recently I switched over Matcha! This offers a natural and slower release of caffeine to the body so you are not getting that rush and then crash. My favorite is Tenzo! Wanna try some?

Sleep & Relax

Rest and sleep have always been something that is challenging for me, espically after COVID. I had a period where I couldn’t sleep for 4 months, a lovely side effect from getting COVID. I researched a few different companies and came across Raw Botanics. The first product I ever tried was their soothing pillow mist. I wanted to see how my body reacted to it, needless to say I absolutely fell in love with the pillow mist! It is a soothing blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus that provides the most wonderful aromatherapy to relax my body! They have so many natural products for sleep, relaxation, pain, energy, mood. I encourage you to browse around!

Guided Meditation & Yin Yoga

Thank you again for flowing into my corner of the internet to look at my five must haves for wellness! If you are looking to dip your toe into mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation feel free to pop over to my online wellness studio! I have a few different memberships that you can select from as well as a FREE July Wellness challenge that you can join here!

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