This Habit is Sabotaging Your Self Love

Self love in the realm of health and wellness is everywhere. Self love has many different branches, stemming from positive mindset, replenishing our bodies, healthy food, rewiring our brains, mindfulness etc. However there is a habit that is sabotaging all the good self love practice that your achieving…

Your physical space is a mess.

Physical Space Clutter

Every time you walk in your front door to that big pile of clutter, you get that “yuck” feeling. You feel stressed, annoyed, maybe panicked, so you ignore it. Maybe there’s that unfinished project in your space that haunts you every time you look at it, causing you to feel lazy or not creative. As you read this I know it can be easy to get defensive, because life happens. We get caught up in work, relationships, parenting, or whatever situations you find yourself in. Know that it is okay, there is no need to shame or bully ourselves over this habit. We are just simply bringing awareness to this habit that is sabotaging your self love.

Take Inventory

Take a moment to look around your space and just notice as you look what comes up for you. What areas make you feel good inside? What areas make you feel a little anxious or stressed? Again this is not the space for being hard on yourself or shaming yourself, we are just taking note here. Next ask yourself what would make me feel good in this space? Do you need to make any adjustments? Add in certain elements like a candle or a piece of furniture that can double as storage.

Start Here : Self Love Time

Start small: pick a small space (maybe one that you see first thing when arriving home, or what you see from your couch) if you find that it is messy, take some time to tidy it up. Again notice why it is messy? Maybe there are a few coats on it, to avoid the habit of placing on the couch again bring in a coat rack. Lean into the question of making the space relaxing for you. What do you need? What would make it feel relaxing for you? Once you have tackled one area see how you feel after two to three days of it being a a place where you want to be.

Take It One Room At A Time

Divide the spaces up over time, if you try to do it all in one day it can seem overwhelming and feel like you are just adding things to your list. Turn on some music, light a candle, bring some intention and love into the space you are creating, after all it is for you.

Enjoy! Happy creating self-love spaces in your home and office!

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