How To Get Clear On Your Brand

Branding is something that is far greater than just a logo, fonts, and a color schemes. Your brand is made up of four aspects; vision, voice, visuals, and values. As a business owner it is our job to combine these components together to create consistency and trust. When you build trust within a client you create a relationship and ultimately sales. Today we are chatting all about how to get clear on your brand to create a sustainable and successful business.

Why is trust so important?

Lets say that you are going to a new hairstylist for the first time; the experience is almost like finding a doctor… You are nervous and anxious when you first arrive. Your hair dresser takes the time to listen to you, explain what he/she is going to do and then executes it. Overall you have a great experience so you book another appointment. After about three visits or so of having a great client experience then your hair dresser offers you some product that will better your hair… You are ten times more likely to buy from that hair stylist because they created a consistent experience and you have developed trust. Bottom line trust equals sales.

Branding Values

Getting clear on your brand can be overwhelming at times, so lets start with the four V’s to break it down.

The Vision; the why, the purpose…. without this the other three V’s are impossible. Take a second and think about the why behind your business. How do you want your client’s to FEEL, what does the client experience look like for them.

The Values is what makes your business different from anyone else’s. I like to think of this as a superpower; let me break this down. Let’s say you are a high senior photographer that is what you do, the vision behind your business is to tell a story and celebrate that high school seniors accomplishments. The values behind each session is that you want each senior to walk away from your session feeling like Beyonce’. I am talking about just bursting with confidence.

The Voice behind your brand is how you reach people on a different level. Voice creates connection with your customers; the kicker behind voice is first understanding who your target audience is. Are they in their mid-20’s? What do they do for fun? What would they spend money on? How will your product make them feel? Define your target audience and then figure out how you can connect with them.

The Visuals is how you want your brand to look and feel. This is where the color schemes, mood, vibe, fonts, website, social media, email marketing all come together. The importance behind visuals is that humans are physical beings, we understand things well if they are laid out on a piece of paper or on our phones. These visual elements create the consistency throughout the entire brand… The social is the handshake, the website is the meet and greet, the email marketing is the monthly dinners, and the booking of a service is TRUST.

Building trust is one of the greatest accomplishments as business owner can do! So get clear on your values by focusing on these four elements!

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