How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

How many of you constantly find yourself looking at someone else’s social media & comparing yourself to that person? Don’t worry you are not alone in this at all. It can be easy to get caught up in the comparison game especially if you are dealing with imposter syndrome, but if you are reading this, this is your sign that you are enough. A big part of my job is teaching clients how to deal with imposter syndrome, so although we are gracing the surface my hope is that these few tips will help.


I am aware that reading that sentence above might have made you cringe a bit, but there is only one HER and there is only ONE you! It is okay to admire her from afar, but as soon as you feel yourself starting to compare that is your cue to step away. Social media has a delightful way at highlighting all the wonderful things going on in someone’s life. However, that is only a portion, a piece of what is actually going on within someone’s life. They don’t have to share their hardships, their fails, their barriers, it isn’t anyone else’s business but their own.


One of my all time favorite quotes is by the incredible Brene Brown in her book, Atlas of The Heart. She writes about dealing with imposter syndrome and the analogy she uses is pure brillance. Imagine you are swimming in a competitive race. Every time you look up from your lane two things can happen; one you have to pop your head out of the water to see what your competitor is doing you are losing momentum and speed. The second; if you keep your head down but keep trying to peer into the next lane to repeat what they are doing, you are swimming blind. You can bump into the wall, drift into another lane, and take yourself out of the race.



You have everything you already need to be great. The first step is turning the glass inwards and starting with you. This work is not easy, it can be difficult to really understand who you are, how your mind works, what your habits are, but the best part is you have all the control. You have the power to change habits, to re-pattern the way you think. Remember there is no one in the world like you. You are all you need.

Needing some more help with Imposter syndrome?

I have a Flow and Release class just for you! In this session we will let go of all the external factors that have you drifting out of your highest self. Together we will gain clarity, reach self compassion, and regain confidence into what you can do & who you want to become.

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