Guided Meditation For Courage

The main purpose of this guided meditation is for the listener to tap into courage to take the next step towards growth and believing in oneself. This guided meditation is best done in a distracted free room, either sitting up tall or laying flat on the floor.

Guided Meditation for Tapping Into Courage

Take a moment to settle in. Maybe you’re laying down on your back or sitting up tall with your feet on the floor. Allow your eyes to soften, your jaw to find a little space. Bring some awareness to your breath.

The inhale and the exhale, feel your feed on the ground, the seat beneath you. And if you are still holding on to any tension, See if you can with this next breath. Let go. As the eyelids become heavy and the temples to become soft, the shoulders resting away from the ears, allow the hips to release, legs and ankles to be heavy.

As you allow yourself to relax in this sense of ease. Know that you’re fully supported by the ground and the props holding you up. Find a sense stability. Today we’re gonna tap into courage. And as we bring that into our mind’s eye, what about the unknown holds you back?

Find a sense of stability

And, as, we let that float in our awareness, I want you to imagine a place that is perfectly safe for you where boundaries exist. How can we use those boundaries and take the next step? With your next breath, I want to go back in time to something that might have been a little difficult or a time when you took a leap but didn’t know where your feet would land.

Take a moment and remember a time when you were proud of yourself, when you are able to get through those hurdles, because you believed in you. You were strong and that you knew you’re going to be okay.

As you breathe, bring some awareness back to your body. Is there a spark in your body or warmth perhaps ease and with this next breath I want you to think about something that you might have hesitation with or something you want to bring more courage into visualize what it would look like if you took that next step and everything went perfectly fine for you.

Visualize It Working Out

Let it play out in your mind. Who are you here in this moment? What do you believe in yourself or others? How have you grown? Look back and see how far you have come. As you inhale, I want you to think about taking that next step.

As you exhale. It is that perfect outcome. Allow yourself to receive it. Give yourself permission to believe in it 100% to believe in yourself 100%. Although we might stumble from time to time, remember what is truly most important to you and allow this space for growth.

When you’re ready, take a few deep breaths here allowing it to feel into your body, fill into your chest, down your belly, through the legs and the ankles. Out the toes wrapping around each arm and palm and wherever you feel that courage in your body.

Embody It

Know that it is rooted in you. It is always with you and you can come back to it anytime that you need. Take a moment to thank yourself for allowing yourself to be here, to Be present and just notice the effects of your practice.

When you’re ready, you You can bring some life back into your toes and fingers, letting the light come back into you eyes. Send yourself a little thank you. You did it. You showed up for you, you showed for yourself.

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