Confidence In Your Vision

Welcome to the Embody podcast, this week I am chatting with Megan Weeks; a graphic designer who has built her business from the ground up. In this interview we cover various topics related to entrepreneurship, social media growth, mindset, work-life balance, and having the confidence in your vision when it comes to entrepreneurship & social media.

Instagram Boomed

I got on TikTok and that’s when I was starting to see like a little bit more engagement with my concept and like more feedback on what people liked to hear from me. I feel like I kind of hit this point in my content where I knew what people wanted to hear about, so I was able to like just pump out a bunch of content honestly on the same topic just like in a million different ways.

But then I brought on a social media manager to mainly just help with me posting consistently. I wanted to post Monday through Friday but that was super hard to do when I’m like running the business, trying to live my life, and managing clients and all that.

So like the consistency wasn’t really there, so I brought her on, and I think that the combination of me just knowing like what people wanted to hear about specifically in like the niche which is like graphic design.

Posting Consistently

Posting consistently for me it just like made my account grow like within like a month I would say yeah it was fast it was so wild I like looked at it one day and it was like oh dang like okay she got 10k. Then all of a sudden I look and I was like she has 20K

The weird thing was it happened so fast and I’m just so busy all the time, and like I usually am like traveling with my boyfriend because he travels for work and stuff like that so I’m not constantly looking at the number to see what it’s at today. But my social media manager would like text me like oh happy 10k or happy 15k and then I was just like kind of shocked at how fast it happened.

I was telling you earlier, is like just because that number is there it’s like I used to think the same way when I would see someone that has like 50k or even 10k. I’d be like wow they like they know something I don’t know, yes they must be amazing.

It’s just like, it’s like this weird thing in our society now where it’s like, we just feel like people have something special. But it’s really just like I said, it was those two things that I think really just transformed it, listening to what people wanted to hear about.


I just wasn’t afraid to like repost the same thing over and over and over again. Then also, it was scary hiring someone to do it for me because I like to like kind of control what I’m putting out there. But I think that just the consistency and not only that, but like engaging with people in the comments, just hearing them, and then taking action on what they’re asking was like really what helped.

But it’s really nothing like crazy special about the number. It’s like, yeah. I think what, so the big thing and what you had said kind of earlier, and this is, this is what I want people to hear. If they hear anything from this conversation, you know, when we’re talking about social media and the numbers, nothing in terms of you had changed.

The value didn’t increase and it didn’t decrease. It was always there no matter what my instagram number shows.”

The funny thing is we always think like, Oh, they have 300K, or whatever number, you know, the magic number that you think is super big and successful. I don’t know anything more than what I did when I had 8k. Especially when it happens that fast. It’s like, really, it was just a matter of like the consistency with everything.

A Number Is Just That A Number

I mean, I will say that having, I guess, a little more validation and like being more of an expert in the graphic design field has helped me like connect with more like clients and also like designers, I guess, feel like they can trust me more with like the content education I’m putting out.

So there is a benefit in that way. But I always want to make sure that like, even if I have 100K one day that I don’t want my mindset to change in terms of like, you know, staying humble about it, and not feeling like someone else that maybe has less, like knows less too, like it’s not about that.

What Was The Goal?

That’s not what the goal was. Yeah, the goal was to actually really. help. So I feel like there’s the difference between that. It’s it’s not once I reach 20k, or once I reach 30k, then I need to become an expert in my field. You always want to provide value, educate people, and you want to do it in a way that you value as well. I think that’s important.

Even if I started with like 1000, I would still want to show up, like sharing the knowledge I have. I don’t want to be afraid to do that, because like there’s still people listening. I always like to think about like 1000 people in a room or 2000 people in rooms, that is a lot of people.

So yeah, that’s kind of like the mindset I have with the social media, but it’s an interesting thing.

The Pressure Of Social Media

Han: I remember asking her when she hit whatever number she had, I don’t even know what she hit now. She’s a wedding photographer. And she was like, honestly, I feel more pressured now. Like I don’t like it.

She was like, I feel like it’s not something I would wish. And I was like, huh, interesting, because it’s something that us, like me, for instance, that like we would, I was always chasing. And so I think with that, it was like, okay, I’m okay. Whatever number is okay, because you’re right. That’s a hundred people in a room, 50 people in a room. That’s a lot of people in a room that you’re serving.

Megan: I wanna make sure that I’m connecting with people that can resonate with it, and connect with all of that too. I don’t wanna just put something out just to put it out. Yeah, that’s something I have to think about a lot with YouTube too, because, I feel like I have to stay consistent on there to stay like kind of relevant or at least to see some growth on there.

It’s like a tricky platform to kind of grow, but I never wanna just put out a video that like doesn’t really matter to me. Like I always wanted to matter to me too. So yeah, social media is hard because all that kind of plays into it.

It weaves a tangled web for sure….

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