Flowing From Doing To Being: Flow & Release

In the world of robust hustle we are all accompanied with stress. The power of slowing down invites the mind to find ease & our bodies to find calm. Flowing from doing to being is exactly the hope for Flow & Release.

I want you to take a second and think back to the last time you found yourself still… I am not talking about watching Netflix, or scrolling on your phone, but where you have just allowed the world to melt around you, focusing on your breath, and letting your world be. It sounds magical, I know and it is but it can also be difficult.

May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. 

I created a program called Flow & Release, where we flow from doing into being. The first part of class we focus on reconnecting our mind and body through “asana” aka physical practice of yoga. I lead you through a series of movements that mindfully allow you to focus on your breath as you flow from one position to the next. As the flow comes to an end we shift our mindset and our bodies to just being. If you are familiar with yoga at all this is the “savasana” practice or “resting”.

For some this idea of “resting” can feel extremely uncomfortable because our mind wanders or as most of my clients say, “my brain won’t shut off”. This is where I like to lead them through a mindful meditation. Sometimes those meditations are focusing on the breath, others are leading them through a visualization to help them embody something.

In time clients find that mindfulness helps with stress management, focus, clarity, burnout, disconnect, emotional regulation, & joy.

If you find yourself wanting to gain more joy in your life, or learn more about nervous system regulation and stress reduction I am now offering a FREE session for those who join my Embody Inner Circle Program. This affiliate program is all about the gift of giving! Here we empower others to find inner peace through mindfulness. 

Flowing from doing to being with Flow & Release To sign up click here

In gratitude, Han

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