Brand Photoshoot Template

Have you shown up to a brand photoshoot only to realize you forgot something, or left thinking, “I wish I would have got that shot!”. Or, maybe you left a photoshoot excited to get the photos back only to be disappointed because you felt like the photographer didn’t capture your brand how you envisioned it…Introducing the ultimate Brand Photoshoot Template designed to help you bring your brand’s story to life.

This template is a collaboration between social media marketing agency owner and content pro, Ashley Polan with Honeypot Social and professional photographer and mindfulness coach, Hannah Elicegui with Hannah Martini Co. Together, we have worked with a wide range of businesses and individuals to help tell their brand story through visual content. We’ve learned a lot of what does/doesn’t work and how to come to each shoot better prepared to achieve our goals. We have poured our knowledge from those experiences into this template so you can show up to your photoshoot with confidence and get the best return on your brand’s investment!

Features and benefits:

  • Easy Customization: Edit and drag drop elements into each section effortlessly.
  • Prepared & Organized: Never arrive unprepared again! This planner ensures you’re at the top of your game for every shoot, leaving no detail overlooked.
  • Focus on the Goal: Stay on track and never lose sight of your goal. Clearly outline your objectives and ensure each shot aligns with your overall vision.
  • Crystal-Clear Communication: Share your vision and ideas with your photographer so they can bring it to life.
  • Minimalist Design: Classic and minimalist design to complement your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Audio Tips: Access audio clips recorded by Ashley and Hannah on each page for valuable insights and tips.

The Brand Photoshoot Template includes:

  • Date, Start and End Times
  • Photographer/Videographer Details
  • Location(s)
  • Model(s)
  • Shoot Goal
  • Vibe
  • Shot List
  • Timeline
  • Props/Products/Materials List
  • Moodboard
  • Wardrobe Details for Models

Effortlessly plan your brand’s visual story with the help of our Brand Photoshoot Planner. Download today and get started on planning your next dream brand shoot!

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