Four Things To Remember With Meditation

Meditation is simple, however it is not easy. Meditation is all about slowing down long enough to find stillness in a world where we are conditioned not to be still. If you are just dipping your toe into the world of mindfulness meditation I want to remind you of four things to remember with meditation. Read for the juicy details!

Beginners Mind

Before you head into any meditation it is important to view it with a beginners mind. Try to put all your expectations, notions, or ideas aside. These can be what you feel like is going to happen, what should happen, if it will be good or bad, etc… Try to go in with an open mind and with a taste of curiousity.


We are extremely hard on ourselves espically when we are starting something new. It can be easy to blame ourselves for letting our mind wander. (which is completely normal and part of the experience) So whether this is your first meditation or 100th, greet it with grace and speak to yourself with kindness.

Letting It Be

I find that a great way to speak with yourself with kindness during and after you meditation is to just let it be… What I mean by that is let your experience be what it is going to be. Sometimes during meditation the flow is amazing, other times I find myself uncomfortable… But if I just let it be there is no expectations and no pressure on myself because each experience is going to be different. Remember be gentle & it greet with curiosity.


This one really just embodies the other three within it. Non-striving means that we are not trying to get something out of it. Sometimes people who being meditating are hoping that they will feel completely relaxed & in a state of peace after the first session. Mindfulness meditation is not about trying to reach a goal, it is about slowing down enough to explore the present moment with grace and curiosity. Are there benefits that come further down the road? Yes… however this only comes if you let go of the idea of being perfect with meditation.

Gentle Reminder

The goal is not about doing…. it is about being… Being here in the present moment, letting it be what it is going to be… Tuning into our bodies, slowing down the mind, with grace & openness. If you can try to remember those four things when doing meditation you will be on the path of calm and peace.

In gratitude,


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