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Meditation is simple, however it is not easy. Meditation is all about slowing down long enough to find stillness in a world where we are conditioned not to be still. If you are just starting out remember these four things!

Four Things To Remember In Meditation

As a wife of a medical student I watched as my husband put himself through an extremely difficult journey. The lack of sleep, constant stress, coupled with the abundance of sacrifice; I knew we were inching towards burnout. Paired with my own journey of depression & burnout I devoted my time to research possible ways of coping with stress when I found mindfulness

The robust research behind the science in how the brain works, the positive outcomes from those who practiced only sparked my curiosity more. As I learned, practiced, and paused I found my own life had shifted. I have dedicated my life to help those with high impact careers & life to find stillness amongst the chaos. 

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