Matcha over Coffee: My Why

Matcha over Coffee: My Why

Hey there! Today I am chatting about a new product that has quickly become my go to drink for a mid-day pick me up after my Flow & Release classes! I have wanted to try Matcha for sometime now but I will be honest, the green of it all scared me. To my surprise Tenzo’s Matcha was a delicious and refreshing change and the reason why I am choosing Matcha over coffee!

The Benefits Of Matcha

I wanted to list out a few benefits of Matcha and why it has quickly become a trendy health drink.

Antioxidants: Matcha is rich in antioxidants, which are believed to have various health benefits. These antioxidants may help protect the body from free radicals and support overall health.

Nutrients: Matcha is a powdered form of green tea, and when you consume it, you are essentially consuming the whole tea leaf. This means you get more of the nutrients present in the tea leaves compared to steeped green tea or coffee.

Caffeine: Matcha contains caffeine, like coffee, but it is released more slowly into the bloodstream. This can result in a more sustained energy boost without the sudden spike and crash often associated with coffee.

Calories: Matcha typically has fewer calories than a cup of coffee, especially if you drink it without added sweeteners or high-calorie creamers.

How I Made My Matcha

Tenzo’s Matcha is extremely easy to make! For myself I wanted something cold and refreshing espically after my Flow & Release yoga class.

  • I mixed 2tsp of Matcha with 2oz of water
  • Stirred until there was no bumps
  • Added in whole milk and stirred with my foam spinner to add in foam
  • Poured over ice

To my surprise the Matcha was delicious; it had a hint of sweetness but nothing that was too overwhelming.

Can’t Knock It Till You Try It

I am all for trying something once! If you find yourself in the same boat and wanting to try Matcha, my go to favorite brand is Tenzo Matcha! I am gifting you 20% off as well, use my personal link here to try it out! Make sure the discount code: EMBODY is applied!

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