Getting Out Of Your Social Media Rut

Social media can be overwhelming for small business owners; with the ever changing algorithm, new tools, REELS, and multiple platforms that it can put you into a tailspin. The tailspin can last for a few days, a couple weeks, or even months and as a business owner you know how important social media can be to maintain your business. So what happens when you fall into your social media rut and you can’t get out? Today I am writing about learning how to get yourself out of that social media rut & giving you permission to step away.

Take A Break

Step one is going to sound completely crazy, but trust me this is crucial when it comes to taking a step back. DELETE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA APP OFF YOUR PHONE! I know, I know… it seems like business suicide but if I am being fully transparent; if you are only relying on instagram or facebook to promote your business you are setting yourself up for failure. Although we would like to think so, we don’t own our followers, we don’t own the platform… So within a blink of an eye it can all be gone! So delete the app and give yourself a pause.

Back To Your Roots

After a week of no instagram, facebook, tik tok, etc I want you to go back to your roots! If you haven’t done this yet I highly recommend writing down your WHY… The whole reason why you started this business, what you want your clients to feel, the main goal behind it all! If you need a little help finding your roots, I chat all about this with defining your brand!

Social Media Buckets

Social media buckets; at least that is what I call them! Each bucket will be something that serves, educates, and showcases what it is you do! Now remember those why’s from step two; this is where those come in! Each bucket should be in alignment with your why! Once you have found all five of your buckets that you are going to pour into your feed, you will recycle them! Each bucket can also be broken down further into different ways of showcasing your services, knowledge, client experiences, etc…

Let me give your a few examples of different “buckets” and creating different content for each!

For a photographer:

Services- bucket

  • REELS Behind the scenes
  • Photos of seniors
  • Photos of brands

Education- bucket

  • Why 1st looks are great for couples on wedding days
  • Sunset versus mid-day lighting
  • REEL editing before/after

Lastly is finding inspiration in other things besides social media; this is why step one is deleting the app. If you are too busy scrolling you aren’t creating. Listen to music, go outside, have conversations with others. There are golden nuggets all around we just have to take off the blinders long enough to see them!

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