Ten Minute Meditation For Anxiety

Welcome to The Embody podcast, today I am going to take you through a ten minute meditation for anxiety. To begin, we’re going to settle into the body, finding stability in our sit bones, allowing our hips and our body to just settle. Letting the body and the belly be soft with breath.

Relaxing the shoulders and allowing the arms to just find ease in your lap. And as you continue to just breathe, find some space in your jaw. Allow your eyes to soften and fall deep into its sockets.

Let the brow relax and the temples to ease come soft. Take a deep breath in through the nose and let it go. And with this breath, I want you to check in with yourself. How are you today? And as we ask ourselves that question, go deeper than I’m here. I’m okay.

A Moment To Check In

Peel back the layers of who you are. How are you mentally, physically, and emotionally? Greet this insight with the mindset of grace. It’s not necessarily something that you need to fix or change.

It’s just awareness of how you feel in this moment. And as you rest here, I want you to think about what intention you want to bring into the world today. What do you want to lead your life in? What do you want to fully embody for you?

It can be a phrase or a word, whatever feels best for you. Maybe you want to lead today or this week or maybe this year with courage, perhaps softness, or maybe it’s simply joy. As you continue breathing, I want you to bring some awareness back into your body.

What does that intention feel like? Maybe it’s a tingle, warmth, or maybe you just feel ease in your body. Whatever it may be for you, whatever that feeling is, allow that feeling to just flow throughout your body as you breathe.


Let it fill you up. What would it feel like to take this feeling into everyday? What would it feel like in your body? And as this feeling continues to flow throughout our body, I want you to just bring yourself some gratitude.

Thank yourself for this practice for taking this time. To go from doing to just being. And when you’re ready, take a big deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Bring some movement back into your body, to the toes, the ankles. Allow your hips to move. Open your eyes from bottom to top.

Thank you for joining me for this ten minute meditation for anxiety. If you are wanting to dive in deeper with meditation & mindfulness feel free to jump around the site.

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