My Favorite Program That Helps Me Run My Business

Welcome to my side of the internet creative! I am so excited you are here because if you are reading this, it is a likely story that you are wanting to elevate your business to the next level and make your life easier in the process! Honeybook is my favorite business program that helps me run my business. So lets get our feet a little wet and understand what Honeybook is and how it can help you run a smooth business!


Honeybook is an online scheduling system that allows you to create client projects. Within these projects you can email your prospective clients, attach contracts, files, proposals, and invoices! The best part about Honeybook is that everything is in one place; so it makes it easier for you & your client.

Perks and Add Ons

Now don’t fret if you are reading this and don’t have contracts or proposals already set up… Honeybook comes with templates that you can customize! I will say that they are not the end all be all of contracts. I would recommending hiring someone to look over yours and or create one for your business to make sure you are fully covered! But their templates are a great place to start especially for those who are just starting out!

Let’s look inside a project so you can see the layout!

When you sign up with HB this is what your project dashboard looks like. You can see at the top there are different categories for each project depending on what stage they are in in the booking process. These can be customized or you can use HB tabs.

Once a project is created it will look like this below!

As I mentioned before the best part, is everything that you and your client needs to book with you is all in one place… You can email, send contracts, invoices, and proposals all from this one spot. It keeps everything together for you & your client!

This is just one piece of Honeybook that I love; for a more in depth walk through watch the video below.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and understand why Honeybook is my favorite program that helps me run my business! If you are wanting to try it out, I have a discount code that gives you 50% off!

p.s. here is my discount code so you can get HB for a discounted price!

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